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Recyclable Items

Recovery 1, Inc. is a research, recovery, and recycling facility located in Tacoma, Washington. We specialize in a wide variety of recycling processes, including debris, concrete, and wood recycling.

Construction Site

Comingled Construction

This category is for concrete form boards, shipping crates, LP® siding, cedar shakes (without tar paper), and comingled loads from new construction job sites. Typical construction waste such as wood, steel, wire, aluminum, concrete, cardboard, and rigid plastic (empty buckets, culverts, pipes, etc.) may be included in the load. Excessive quantities of pressure-treated wood, foam, film plastic, and Hardie-board can result in a load being rejected.

Demolition Debris & Renovation Debris

This category is for comingled loads from building demolition and renovation projects. Before loads will be accepted, documentation proving that an A.H.E.R.A. inspection was completed must be provided. If asbestos-containing materials are discovered, documentation proving all the asbestos-containing materials were removed must be provided. Current asbestos and demolition information and forms can be found at pscleanair.

Building Debris in a Pile

All mercury-containing building materials must be removed, including, but not limited to, thermostats, silent switches, float switches, and florescent light tubes. Loads including mercury-containing materials or evidence of mercury-containing materials (e.g. broken lights) will be rejected. Mercury-containing materials can be recycled at Total Reclaim. Contact them at (206) 343-7443.

Lead-based paint must be removed. We use XRF technology to detect lead in paint. Painted surfaces with more than 0.5 mg/cm2 lead in the paint will not be accepted for recycling.

Pile of Wood

New & Used Unpainted Wood

This category is for loads that are 100% wood. This includes pallets, wire cable spools, untreated poles, untreated timber, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), medium-density fiberboard (MFD), particleboard, Parallam® PSL, and similar products. This wood may include embedded metal such as nails or screws. This category does not include wood that has been painted, stained, or treated.

Land-Clearing Debris

This category consists of stumps, brush, and tree limbs, whole or chipped. We do not accept grass clippings, sod, yard waste, berry bushes, or scotch broom.

Truck Dumping Tree Branches

Pile of Concrete


This category is for concrete, bricks, rocks, and porcelain. The materials must be clean and free of wood, rubber, plastic, etc. They may contain rebar and reinforcing mesh.